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Here at the Health and Social Care website we are determined to promote the simple techniques and methods that we all need to follow in order to achieve a good level of health. The consumption of a healthy and balanced diet is one of the key aspects to maintaining a good level of health. A good, clean diet, when combined with a commitment to regular exercise to strengthen your cardiovascular system and your muscles is all you need to be healthy and well. If you have an interest in Health and Social Care and would like to know more, get in touch with our team of experts directly.

There comes a point in people's lives, some sooner than others when mobility begins to become a problem and generally getting about becomes more difficult. One of the problems this can pose is that living accommodation can quickly become unsuitable. This can be for several reasons, with one of the major one's being the accessibility to the upper rooms of a home. However there are solutions, such as stairlifts i.e. Obam Stairlifts which can provide the relief needed for people experiencing difficulty in accessing particular areas of their home.

Many of the triumphs of modern medicine are the result not of better medical techniques, but of better drugs. The success of drugs like antibiotics, which have saved millions of lives since they were introduced during the Second World War, has inspired drug companies to invest heavily in research in the hope of finding something else just as effective.

There are four main approaches. The first is to isolate or imitate natural compounds which are known to have medicinal properties. For example, the bark of the willow was used for centuries to relieve pain because it contains the compound salicin. Salicylic acid, a closely related compound first produced artificially in 1874, forms the basis of aspirin.

The second is to copy an existing drug, modifying it slightly in the hope of making it more effective. This can sometimes produce drugs with quite unexpected properties. A whole class of diuretic drugs, used to treat illnesses where fluid accumulates in the tissues (such as kidney failure), was produced by modifying the chemical structure of the antimicrobial drug sulphanilamide.

The third is to pick at random among the millions of organic compounds - those containing carbon - that have been produced by chemists, and try them on animals in the hope of finding one with useful properties.
The fourth is to try to understand the functioning of the human body, and to design drugs from scientific principles. For example, a precise understanding of how acid is produced in the stomach led to the development of drugs that 'block' the process and have transformed ulcer treatment.